Transportation Efficiency Improvements with Protendidos DYWIDAG: Extension of São Paulo Subway System

Traffic congestion and air pollution are a daily occurrence in São Paulo, a city where the vehicle population has more than tripled since 1975. Today, there are approximately five million cars and trucks traveling the city roads each day. In addition, approximately 15,000 buses with high levels of emission worsen the city’s traffic burden.

The city’s subway system, Metrô, which was opened in 1974, has a total length of 61.3 kilometers and consists of 4 lines. As it is today, the subway system can only transport a relatively limited number of passengers and as a result, many people have to rely on the city’s bus system and are therefore also dependent on the congested streets in the metropolitan area.

That is why the owner of Metrô, Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo, has decided to considerably expand the subway route network. Line 5 is to be extended and a new airport express line is to be built. In addition, the route network is to be extended as a whole and completed by adding a new line. This new line, Line 4, is the first infrastructure project in Brazil to be carried out by Public-Private-Partnership.

As a specialist supplier of Post-Tensioning Systems, Protendidos DYWIDAG is supplying DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems in several Subway stations on Line 4. At Higienópolis-Mackenzie Station, the Consolata Building must be repaired and strengthened in order not to endanger the subway tunnel below. For this purpose, Protendidos DYWIDAG is supplying approximately 220m of 32mm Ø St 85/105 DYWIDAG THREADBAR®. In addition, the company rents tensioning jacks and offers training in which the responsible workers learn how to install DYWIDAG THREADBAR® correctly.

Approximately 3,000m of 32 mm Ø St 85/105 DYWIDAG THREADBAR® will be supplied for República Station. The Post-Tensioning Systems are used for stabilizing the load bearing pillars and beams for the subway path. 600m of 32mm Ø St 50/55 GEWI® Bars will be supplied for Morumbi Station. These will be used to anchor a retaining wall. For the extension of Line 2, Protendidos DYWIDAG also supplies DYWIDAG THREADBAR® that will be used to stabilize a concrete slab in the middle of Ipiranga Station.

Protendidos DYWIDAG is proud to be contributing to this major project in São Paulo.


Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

General Contractor

Via Amarela Joint Venture, São Paulo, Brazil

DSI Unit

Protendidos DYWIDAG Ltda., São Paulo, Brazil

Protendidos DYWIDAG Scope

Supply of 3,220m of DYWIDAG THREADBAR®, Supply of 600m of GEWI® Bars; rental of equipment; technical assistance 


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