Modern Lock Complex for Economic Growth: Tucuruí Lock, Brazil

The Tucuruí Dam in the federal state of Pará in northern Brazil was the first major hydroelectric power project in the country’s rain forest and produces approximately 8% of Brazil’s total energy. Construction began in 1975, and the dam has been in use since 1984. The construction project had been divided into two phases from the beginning.

The second project phase, which was resumed in 2007 after having been stopped several times, will restore the navigability of the Tocantins River, which had been interrupted by the construction of the dam. A lock complex that was completed in June 2010 was built for this purpose. The lock complex, which extends for a distance of approx. 680km, permits unobstructed shipping traffic between the cities of Belém and Marabá.

The project is of great economic importance for the development of a region that has high economic potential due to its agriculture and the existence of mineral deposits and other natural resources. By bridging a water level difference of about 75m, the new lock complex allows for the quick and easy transport of regional products.

In order to bypass the 75m high dam, a lock complex with two locks was needed. Both locks feature 210m long and 33m wide chambers that are connected by an intermediate 5,463m long and 140m wide channel.

Protendidos DYWIDAG supplied approximately 29,000m of Ø 32mm St 85/105 DYWIDAG THREADBAR® used for slope stabilization on site. In addition, approx. 6,500m of DYWIDAG THREADBAR® were installed for reinforcing prestressed concrete structures.


Centrais Elétricas do Norte do Brasil S.A., Brasília, Brazil


Construções e Comércio Camargo Corrêa S.A., São Paulo, Brazil


Engecorps – Corpo de Engenheiros Consultores Ltda., Barueri, Brazil

DSI Unit

Protendidos DYWIDAG Ltda., São Paulo, Brasil

DSI Scope

Supply of approx. 35.5km of 32mm Ø ST 85/105, DYWIDAG THREADBAR®

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