The Atlântica Wind Park: DSI supplies Wire EX Post-Tensioning Tendons for Brazil’s tallest Wind Towers

CPFL Renováveis, a subsidiary of the largest private energy company in Brazil, recently built a wind park near the town of Palmares do Sul in the southern part of the federal state of Rio Grande do Sul. Acciona Windpower supplied the towers and turbines for the new park in southern Brazil.

In the beginning, the Atlântica Wind Park consisted of four wind power stations with a capacity of 30MW each that were put into operation successively from November 2013 to June 2014. At first, the erection of a total of 60 80m tall, 2MW capacity towers was planned.

CPFL Renováveis altered the plan and built the country’s 40 highest wind towers each with a height of 120m and a capacity of 3MW – the largest capacity that has been achieved in Brazil so far. The wind towers consist of prefabricated concrete elements, and the rotors have lengths of 116m.

CPFL Renováveis has leased the wind park for a duration of 20 years – the Brazilian government assigned the right of use during an energy auction in 2010. Including the new Atlântica Wind Park, CPFL Renováveis now operates 20 wind parks with a total operating performance of 719MW. The parks are located in the federal states Rio Grande do Norte, Ceara and Rio Grande do Sul.

Since the wind towers in Atlântica Wind Park are exposed to high dynamic loads during operation, they were post-tensioned using external Wire EX Tendons. For the 40 wind towers, DSI supplied a total of 28,000m of prefabricated Wire EX 66 Post-Tensioning Tendons that were supplied coiled and ready to be installed to the jobsite. 6 Wire EX 66 Tendons in lengths of 120m were used per wind tower. The Wire EX Tendons were installed by experienced DSI technicians.


CPFL Renováveis, Brazil

General Contractor

Acciona Windpower, Spain


Aírton, Brazil

DSI Scope

Production, supply, installation

DSI Products

28,000m of Type 66 Wire EX Post-Tensioning Tendons

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