DYWIDAG Bar Anchors stabilize Cut in brittle Rock: Warehouse Construction in Brazil

The Brazilian chain store Loja Elétrica has been selling electronic and do-it-yourself products since 1948. Recently, the company built a large warehouse in the city of Belo Horizonte in south-eastern Brazil.

To facilitate the construction of the new warehouse in the Engenho Nogueira district, a 21m high, vertical sidehill cut had to be undertaken and stabilized by a retaining wall. The construction of the retaining wall was a technical challenge because the jobsite is located in a former quarry and the construction soil is mainly characterized by sedimentary rock.

Grade 85/105, 32mm Ø DYWIDAG Bar Anchors proved to be the optimum, most economical solution for tying the retaining wall back safely. The retaining wall was constructed in several sections from the top down. Protendidos DYWIDAG supplied DYWIDAG Bar Anchors with a total weight of 35t as well as all accessories for this project.


Loja Elétrica Ltda., Brazil

General Contractor

GVS Engenharia e Consultoria Ltda, Brazil


Vallum Engenharia Ltda, Brazil


Sérgio Velloso Projetos Ltda, Brazil

Consulting Engineers

Sérgio Velloso Projetos Ltda, Brazil

DSI Unit

Protendidos DYWIDAG Ltda., Brazil

Protendidos Scope

Production, supply

DYWIDAG Products

35t of Grade 85/105, 32mm Ø DYWIDAG Bar Anchors

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